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Overall, the lifetime risk for developing kidney cancer is about 1 in 63 (1.6%). A number of other factors (described in Risk Factors for Kidney Cancer) also affect a person’s risk.

For reasons that are not totally clear, the rate of new kidney cancers has been rising since the 1990s, although this seems to have leveled off in the past few years.

Survival rates tell you what portion of people with the same type and stage of cancer are still alive a certain amount of time (usually 5 years) after they were diagnosed.

They can’t tell you how long you will live, but they may help give you a better understanding about how likely it is that your treatment will be successful.

Relative survival rates are a more accurate way to estimate the effect of cancer on survival. Philadelphia, Pa: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2015. NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology: Kidney Cancer.

SEER Cancer Stat Facts: Kidney and Renal Pelvis Cancer. For example, a 5-year survival rate of 90% means that an estimated 90 out of 100 people who have that cancer are still alive 5 years after being diagnosed. Keep in mind, however, that many of these people live much longer than 5 years after diagnosis. Some people will want to know the survival rates for their cancer type and stage, and some people won’t. Statistics on the outlook for a certain type and stage of cancer are often given as 5-year survival rates, but many people live longer than 5 years. The 5-year survival rate is the percentage of people who live at least 5 years after being diagnosed with cancer. In: Niederhuber JE, Armitage JO, Doroshow JH, Kastan MB, Tepper JE, eds.

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Survival rates are often based on previous outcomes of large numbers of people who had the disease, but they can’t predict what will happen in any particular person’s case.