Armenian chatroulette

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Armenian chatroulette

Shop this limited run now and do business beautifully friends!Since the beginning of 2015 we have been scheming about how we can expand the shop to better serve fashion, lifestyle and beauty bloggers who’s livelihood is in the online space.It can also be as easy as screen grabbing what you want to share and overlaying in onto a tablet or computer screen as seen below.If you are interested in how you can overlay flat paper products like notecards and prints onto styled stock desktops we have a great tutorial here! xoxo Shay Pineapples, cherries, watermelon, berries…YES PLEASE!Our new beauty stock images and makeup stock images are a part of a new styled stock catalogue launching this week and is one of my favorites to date.Today we are starting with a super fun makeup brush stock image series that will be followed later this week with the launch of a stunning and fabulously colorful makeup image collection!You can find two new Brand Builder Sets and lots of new individual images to be used as your blog header, Twitter header, Facebook header, You Tube header, on your social media posts, within your blog posts, to show off products in your shop, and more!

So the next time you’re driving along and hear a commercial inviting you to spend a night at the Super 8 Motel, you should, like me, cackle adolescently.

Here’s why you should know and love this word: most obviously, it has to do with festering pus.

Which would be plenty enough reason to deploy the word liberally in your daily business communication. Though officially the word is pronounced “supp-yer-ate,” people in the Midwest (and yrs.

In our newest collection, you’ll find gorgeous, richly colored makeup styled stock that is perfect for taking your brand to the next level!

We think these styled stock images are perfect for fashion and beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, hair and makeup artists, sellers of sassy prints, or those of you who are just crushing on these lipstick images like I am!

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You can shop this collection now and also check out the previous floral collections here!

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