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Desperate for a baby girl, Simpson and her husband drove four hours to a fertility clinic in Michigan.Gender selection is illegal in Canada, which is why the couple turned to the United States.They paid 0 for a procedure that sorts sperm based on the assumption that sperm carrying a Y chromosome swim faster in a protein solution than sperm with an X chromosome do.Simpson was inseminated with the slower sperm that same day.These fertility doctors have turned a procedure originally designed to prevent genetic diseases into a luxury purchase akin to plastic surgery.Gender selection now rakes in revenues of at least 0 million every year.A dream that Art and Agnes Skone had to someday establish a place where Christians could come together to experience God in a natural, God Created, setting on Pickerel Lake.

They marketed their clinics by giving away free promotional DVDs and setting up slick websites.

In the early 1970’s they had Pickerel Lake renamed Little Mirror Lake.

They planted a huge cross of flowers along the shores of the lake.

Inside a fourth-floor office suite off a palm-tree-lined street in Encino, Calif., in an embryology lab, two men wearing maroon scrubs peer into high-tech microscopes.

The men are fertilizing human eggs with sperm samples collected earlier that day.

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She discovered an online community of women just like her, confiding deep-seated feelings of depression over giving birth to boys.

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