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As soon as Mr Cameron returned to his seat, No 10 Press secretary Steve Field and Mr Cameron’s chief of staff, ex-diplomat Ed Llewellyn, who had been standing behind him, launched a damage-limitation exercise.At this point, accounts of the discussions between the journalists differ.‘It took four weeks in Tunisia, three weeks in Egypt. We will win in the end.’Like many of his fellow citizens, this man seemed remarkably sanguine given the atrocities unleashed in response to the Libyan uprising.

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Pro-Gaddafi mercenaries have been removing injured patients and dead bodies from Tripoli hospitals, apparently to hide the evidence of the brutal manner in which the authorities have tried to suppress the revolt.

The Foreign Secretary was said to be ‘annoyed and embarrassed’ after it was revealed that the reports came from the Prime Minister in a confidential briefing to newsmen travelling with him on his emergency tour of the Middle East.

His team and the travelling Press pack had suffered a jolt when the plane was ‘buzzed’ by a US warplane as it flew over Iraq.

Twenty minutes later a shoeless Mr Cameron, wearing a black corduroy shirt with its tail flapping outside his black jeans, strolled down the aisle of the luxurious ‘Business Class only’ plane to talk to the journalists. Despite causing controversy by taking a group of British arms dealers with him on the trip, he said it had been a success.

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People hope this will encourage more key figures to peel away, hastening the dictator’s downfall.

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