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Hello everyone, I am bringing you the exciting news: If you want your Data Vault 2.0 to be 100% insert compliant (as it was in the beginning, way back in 2001) then REMOVE last seen dates, and REMOVE load end dates.I’m here to tell you, that if you aren’t focused on an insert only architecture for your Data Vault 2.0, then you aren’t focused in the right place.Load end dates were always a kludge, a crutch, to help developers issue between clauses. Well, I’m happy to say: there is a way forward without either of these two kludgy attributes.By the way, the benefits of properly implementing these two paradigms far outweigh the costs of “updates” against the Data Vault model.Furthermore, these two structures move your entire EDW DV2 in to the 21st century, and make it 100% insert only compliant.Moving to 100% insert only architecture is currently (and in to the future) the best thing you can do for your EDW DV2.If you have questions or comments, feel free to post them below.

Now Wiz Khalifa’s “wifey,” Rose’s presence in the industry outlasted her relationship with one of its premiere artists.The relationship didn’t last, as Superhead cited a physically abusive G Rap in her memoir, and she continued in a string of relationships, including comedian/television host Bill Maher.As for Giancana, he ended up with veteran underground emcee Ma Barker, who the rapper recorded with in 2003.Due to scalability (volume), and sheer arrival speed (velocity) of data, your Data Vault 2.0 model should be highly focused on 100% insert only architecture.Last seen dates were always a kludge, a crutch, to help developers get around “full table dumps” and detecting data that disappeared.

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Darlene may have been the first “Hip Hop honey,” and that’s ful.

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