Drake and kyra chaos dating

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But Syn claims the rumors are false and they are just friends.Syn, who strips at Dreams in Houston, also came to Harden’s defense.She admits that the two have hung out on different occasions the past three months.Syn and Drake were first spotted poolside in Miami in May. She revealed she turned down the Canadian rapper several times before she agreed to go on a date with him.It took her awhile to accept his invitation because she thought he only wanted sex.But the Lady Hustler admits Drake is a ‘sweetheart,’ and she seeks advice from him from time to time.Shit, a Jordan/Nike deal alone trumps Weezy's bunch.

Still, it doesn't hold a candle to "Go DJ." It may have sold more, but you will never convince any self-respecting hip-hop fan that "Best I Ever Had" is a better. Still, if you ask any artist if they would want to win a Grammy, 100 out of 100 would say "Yes." It's still a mark that you're undoubtedly doing right. While they have almost the same amount of nominations, Weezy has more wins. Point: Weezy Considering I'm not a fifteen year old skater and Mountain Dew Dropped him, I'd say Drake has Wayne beat here.She said despite rumors that the NBA player uses his money to get women, she claims he’s not a trick.Watch Syn talk about Drake, Harden and her clothing line below.Houston Stripper Syn Da Lady Hustler wants to set the record straight about her relationships with Drake and Houston Rockets star James Harden.Syn, who is working on her clothing line Lady Hustler, revealed to Global Grind reporter Sharon Carpenter that she is ‘friends’ with Drake.

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Drake has a bright future ahead of him both on TV and the silver screen, so this one's a cake walk for Camp Aubrey. ) Point: Drizzy Could have been Drake's wheelchair too, or maybe his diamond teat-drop ski mask, but his OVO chain is defintiely his go-to accesory.