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Yesterday morning Eva told me about her friend Lynn who was one of her friends in high school and who she still keeps contact with and gave me her story.After hearing it I knew it would be a great story to share at our meetings and on ANIMALSEXFUN so Eva and I called her and asked her permission to which she agreed.He used me as his toilet as usual, making me gulp down his piss, lick his shitty asshole and such, but I couldn’t clean up afterward.My hair throughout the day had a nice, sticky coating from being pissed on as well, my body as well.That winter my friends (Amber, Melissa and Vanessa) and I got invited to a ski resort for a week.

The day of the farm, I was not permitted to shower or clean myself in any way.A horn made me look up, a lorry driver was looking down at me smiling, I smiled back at him but carried on fingering my cunt.The traffic moved and I pulled my fingers out and sucked them looking up at the driver who gave me the thumbs up.Read more Animal Sex Story: Jen The Dog Slut, Sue makes a slut of her neighbor Jen The Dog Slut, Sue makes a slut of her neighbor My name is Sue, I live in a small town next to neighbors Sally and Jenny Wilson and David Wilson Sally’s husband.Jenny was a beautiful girl, problem was she knew it, and could be quite aloof sometimes, in spite of this I liked her, being Bi I would always fancy fucking her someday.

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