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It is another symptom of the anti-Muslim behavior we see during the election season."Two American Muslim women who work for the federal government were removed Wednesday night from an American Airlines flight at Miami International Airport. That's the way the world is right now,' " Faisal Ali said. You can't do this to us.' "Asked, finally, what she would like to see come of their experience, Nazia Ali said, "I want people to be educated. A flight attendant felt threatened by their presence, according to reports. They worship at the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati in West Chester Township. Delta paid for their room that night at a hotel near the airport. Nazia Ali said she had briefly considered not wearing her head scarf, but anger overtook her and she refused to alter her appearance, "because I did nothing wrong."It was humiliating. A vacation photo from Faisal and Nazia Ali, who were kicked off a Delta Airlines flight from Paris to Cincinnati on July 26. He is 36 and works as director of operations for Healing Touch, a home health care company that he owns with his father and brother. Once they were led off the flight — they said they saw other Muslim women wearing head scarves seated toward the rear of the plane — they were questioned in a "rough manner" by a French security official."He said, `How long were you here? They were returning from a week-long trip celebrating their 10th anniversary in London and Paris.

Delta continues its investigation into this matter and will issue a full refund of these customers’ airfare."The flight attendant claimed that Faisal Ali tried to hide his cell phone and that she had heard the couple use the word "Allah." Allah is the Arabic word for God.The name of Einstein gets used in legends whose plots call for a smart person, one whom the audience will immediately recognize as such (i.e., modern tellings of an ancient legend about a learned rabbi who switches places with his servant feature Albert Einstein in the role of esteemed scholar).This venerated cultural icon has, at least in the world of contemporary lore, become a stock character to be tossed into the fray wherever the script calls for a genius.Postulated explanations of this paradox are known as theodicies, and such answers have been for centuries handed out by members of many belief systems when challenged to provide logical answers to the question of how it is possible that a just and moral God can The online forward quoted above draws upon yet another possible explanation: that evil is the absence of God, in the same way that cold is the absence of heat, and dark is the absence of light.This argument has been around for a long time, as has the legend about the pious student using it to squelch an atheist professor.

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In CAIR’s letter to federal transportation officials, attorney Hassan wrote that Delta discriminated against the couple in violation of federal law.