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They’re definitely not Instagramming that purchase.”Around the table sit Johanna Murphy, who previously ran e-commerce for Kate Spade; Marissa Kraxberger, who came from Oscar de la Renta; Abigail Klem, who ran ready-to-wear merchandising for Diane von Furstenberg; and creative director Suzanne Bryant, formerly at Michael Kors. Where there used to be work life and home life, now it’s life.(Ivanka clearly wants to be taken seriously by the fashion world.) Today, they are going through the brand book. “The North Star, whenever you start to lose your way.” She explains further: “We are targeting millennials who aspire to have very big careers, but they are also training for marathons or learning French or starting a family. And I think a lot of companies don’t recognize that.”One of Ivanka’s mentors is Glen Senk, the former CEO of Urban Outfitters, who compares her to Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Gal.What Ivanka seems to have inherited is not his style (thank God), nor (one hopes) his crackpot opinions, but the idea that if you are going to have the chutzpah to brand yourself, you damn well ought to be true to yourself.For Ivanka, what is true is that she is a young professional woman with a husband (Jared Kushner), two kids, and a big, busy, glamorous life.I’m here to attend a few meetings with Ivanka, but before I do, I stop off on 26 to pay my respects to The Donald.“She was a very successful model, and she just gave it up and went to Wharton,” he says, still surprised after all these years.

When she gets to the man seated next to her, she says, “Andy is our head of construction. I have written about Ivanka before, in 2007, just as she launched her fine-jewelry collection, a luxury she describes as for “the self-purchasing female,” which sounds like the title of a Beyoncé song.

For starters there are the two massive new Trump hotel projects she has been overseeing, both of which are apparently ahead of schedule: the Old Post Office building, two blocks from the White House, that is being turned into what will no doubt be the grandest hotel in Washington; and the 800-acre Doral resort in Miami, a deal brokered a few years ago while Ivanka was in the hospital having her daughter, Arabella (several days after giving birth, she went to tour the site on a golf cart). The ratings have climbed back up to where they were five years ago.” Ivanka attributes the spike to pent-up demand, as the show took a year-and-a-half hiatus (she and her father were too busy actually running a real estate empire to film a reality TV show about running a real estate empire).

Plus, she says, “we have an unbelievable cast who, as my father says, just Sitting before her on the desk are the fourth-quarter sales figures for her namesake line of apparel and accessories: all up, every category.

The half that love him love her, and the half that hate him love her—because she’s not him!

”One Wednesday in early December, I spend some time with Ivanka at Trump Tower: Her father’s fabulously dated office is on the twenty-sixth floor; Ivanka and her two brothers, Eric and Don, Jr., toil for the Trump Organization a few floors down.

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I’m 27.’ ” But she decided to go for it because, as she says, “the business-advice books are typically written by 60- or 70-year-old men, reflecting back on their careers.

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