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A common misconception is that a date code indicates a product’s safety. Understanding these two types of date codes can help you determine what products to use when, reducing unnecessary food waste.

Open date codes are most commonly seen on food and drinks.

I have been running for 3 years and this is the first time I have used compression socks.

Open dating is legally required on infant formula, but voluntary on other products.The psychological effect of the perceived benefit is obviously greatest for the sock that exerts the greatest compressive force which is from the CEP sock, however the long term benefits will only emerge as time elapses.My own perception of performance and benefit is for the CEP sock as it is by far the best constructed sock, however this does come at a high price (nearly double) .The result of wearing them has been fantastic, they are comfortable and have stopped the muscle aching that I had been suffering with. It’s important to understand what information the specific type of date code tells you about a food or drink. In general, there are two types of date codes: open and closed.

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See what all the buzz is about and try CEP Running O2 compression socks today.