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To qualify for payment you will also need to submit two pieces of valid Government issued ID for you and performers in your videos through our secure and private system. Your videos need to be featured, on your video click "see more" and you'll see a featured date if the video is featured.

Once you've successfully joined our Amateur Program all you need to do is get out your video camera or webcam and show the world how sexy you are by uploading your videos to Pornhub! Hope you enjoy some of the content i have uploaded! I have 97.87 dollars, so i only see two ways to get paid: by check and by Paxum. After a video is featured it takes 1-2 weeks for earnings to get added into your account.

In the US the legal adulthood age is 18, but consent age is 16 is some states.

I'm assuming it would be when you're a legal adult, right?

BTW: Love your videos @selena22Im a Top Amateur here on Porn Hub ... I don't see how it's related to this blog post day, on a whim, i decided to go all PREMIUM much to my surprise, there was actually NO gay material whatsoever.

As for Select, there simply isn't enough gay HD videos yet, once we have enough we'll add the gay category.

ive tried uploading a new video for the past 2 weeks, all uploads have been "successful" but nothing has shown up in my video manager? XOXO Is anyone else experiencing uploading problems? Sometimes features take longer, I had to wait a month for long does it take to show earnings from videos uploaded before the current month(older videos)? Or is all of the ad revenue counted at the end of the month for older videos to make sure it's all accounted for Okay so how much ad revenue do I need to generate during certain pay periods (assuming I'm featured) do earn the possible ,000 in one month?I'm sure it varies but please give me a reasonable example.I make anywhere from 0-0 a month and have around 130 videos. Check me out @ You get paid after your payout meter is over 0 ... Don't expect to get rich, that doesn't mean you can't?It takes a while but I am earning more money faster and faster now that I have so many friends and subscribers! But be realistic and appreciate the outlet and opportunity Pornhub has provided.

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We are holding videos to upload but want to make sure they qualify for any potential payment. Thanks for the program, we are having fun coming up with all kinds of creative ideas...

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