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Under the settlement terms, the church agreed to measures designed to prevent future abuse, such as having survivors address candidates for the priesthood and appointing an independent child protection consultant.

The 2003 agreement in O'Brien's case brought major changes within the Catholic Church in the Phoenix area, including victim assistance and training on sexual misconduct for all diocesan staff and volunteers. The Lafayette-area cases were just two of many involving local priests and children.

Dozens of living and deceased priests were exposed as abusers.

The Wilmington diocese filed for Chapter 11 protection in 2009, just hours before the start of Delaware’s first trial involving sex abuse by a Catholic priest.

At one point he tells the camera that he has to keep the dog from running ahead and scaring the gopher away or worse, making it his snack.

Pocket gophers are rodents who are notorious for digging.

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As many as 100 people may have been abused by Gauthe, according to, a watchdog website.

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