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But, sadly, I'm just a plain, normal, slightly out-of-shape, reasonably decent-looking guy.

My dick is a bit bigger than average when it's hard, about six or seven inches long and thick enough that my fingers only just touch when I grip it, but it's what you'd call a grow-er, not a show-er.

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And we find tractors and touchdowns and twangy music mind-numbingly boring. We'd walk together in the halls holding hands and hang out at lunchtime or in the library and she'd let me copy her notes when I missed a day of class. The rumor going around was that a member of the basketball team got her pregnant, but no one actually knew for sure why they moved. So much drama and celebrity worship and childish nonsense and stupid teen angst. My father was never afraid to slap her ass or grope her huge boobs in front of me, either.

I wasn't terribly interested in girls my own age, anyway. Older women seem much easier to deal with..have all that mess together and aren't all uptight about not being seen as sluts. Anyhow, between the day to day grind of my homework, my part-time job to pay for my car and gaming habit, spending most all of my free time in some fantasy land or other with my gamer friends and never really understanding girls anyhow, I was a pretty typical geeky, teen-aged, virginal mid-western boy. And she's always been a bit uninhibited about not wearing all her clothes in the house when it's just us family, so there was a constant, subtle sort of low-level sexuality in the air when I was growing up.

I made no attempt to hide anything, and the result was a super hot gang bang – me with four male employees going at it hot and heavy in the back room, lots of moaning and jizz everywhere! Call me for dirty phone sex and I’ll tell you all about it.

We can figure out exactly where you would have fit in that gang bang if you had been there – did you watch from a dark corner and jerk off quietly?

Nothing is hotter than self shot nude Emo and Goth girls.

Author's note: This is a work of fiction and, as such, does not reflect any actual events.

Character resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Soft it looks something like a wad of gum that's fallen into a wastebasket at a barber's shop. I live in a tiny, one-horse mid-western farm town that's finally grown big enough to qualify for a second horse, but still isn't big enough for a Red Lobster. I have short, dark brown hair I wear parted on the left and dark brown eyes that have never needed glasses.

It's probably part of why I don't feel very confident with girls. I'm almost nineteen years old and because I'm something of a nerdy gamer stereotype, I've never been very good with girls. I got my dad's squashed nose and quirky sense of humor and my mom's small hands, elvish ears and penchant for sunburns.

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I'm a very average five-foot-nine inches tall and while I do have a bit of a belly, I'm not really fat... I like to wear blue jeans and tee shirts and cheap sneakers with velcro instead of laces.