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THR: Santana is now the fourth roommate in the loft. Michele: Santana is doing her job as a friend and starts to question Brody and what's going on with Rachel.

But she doesn't stop, and it gets to the point where Kurt and Rachel say whether or not she's right or wrong, she's going too far with it.

Michele: As of now, it's still pretty top-secret. I never got to work with Cory, so Finn and Rachel don't have any scenes together, and whatever he does, he does without Rachel knowing.

It's really great to see Santana and Finn come to her defense. How will that experience and her pregnancy scare -- on top of Brody's extracurricular activities -- factor into what she does next?

caught up with star Lea Michele to discuss Rachel's pregnancy scare, how she'll lean on Santana, Brody's (Dean Geyer) secret double life and her ideas for what the potential season four cliffhanger might be -- as well as her thoughts on a Broadway-focused fifth season. She's incredibly upfront and honest, and she can smell when there's something wrong, which is great, but she always digs in a little too deep.

"Creep" is somewhere within the Rachel and Brody rise and possible fall.

PHOTOS: ' Glee' Season 4 Cast Portraits THR: How will Rachel help Finn find his calling?

Michele: I haven't gotten to work with Cory in a really long time, so that sucks () but I've been loving his storyline.

At the end of the day, Santana is the voice of reason and makes everyone have to look at things.

THR: The last we saw Brody, we were led to believe that he's an escort.

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I hope she gets it, because in my eyes, I'd love to see her in a show next year in that world of rehearsals, a cast, is she the lead or understudy?

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